The wondrous Tungnath is heavenly not only for spiritual seekers but also for trekkers, who often get astonished by the sheer beauty that surrounds them. The mystical Tungnath temple is also frequented by several pilgrims and devotees, who come here to seek spiritual guidance and to relish in the beauty of the divine nature.

Perched at n elevation of 3,680 m, Tungnath Yatra is quite popular, and you will usually find it crowded with tourists and devotees in the peak season.

While on your Tungnath Yatra, if you do have the liberty of time, then you can also witness the grandeur some other nearby places, on your way to Tungnath. These enchanting places are all situated on your way to Tungnath, and you can easily visit them.

Here is a list of all these charming places you can visit while on your Tungnath Yatra.

Rohini Bugyal

You will encounter this lush green meadow on your way to Tungnath. Located near Chopta, Rohini Bugyal is the perfect place to spend some time relaxing in the laps of nature. Covered with a thick blanket of grass and aromatic flowers, this meadow stretches till the horizon. It is also a great place to hike up your camp and rest before commencing on your trek to Tungnath. The entire place is veiled with a serenity quietness, interrupted only by the chirping of the bird and the calming sound of the streams cascading down the mountains.

Try and visit this place, especially during dusk, when the birds fly in a flock and go back home. Witness the sky turning into a golden hue, as the birds fly back t enjoy some rest. The sight is quite breathtaking.

Rohini Bugyal is also a great place for bird lovers, as many migratory birds come here during the migration season.


The refreshing place of Bisurital is situated at an elevation of 4000 m and nestled in the Mandakini Valley. The valley is as stunning as its name.

Bisurital is essentially a serene lake, located near Chopta. You can easily trek here from Chopta, as it is about 60 km (both sides). The beauty of this lake lies in the fact that it is quite unknown. It is like a hidden treasure that is still waiting to be unearthed by the hordes of tourists. Thus, this off radar lake is still far from the prying eyes of the maddening crowd, which will allow you to spend some relaxed and peaceful time. The remote location of Bisurital makes it all the more alluring and thrilling.

Many locals say that Bisurital also has some healing properties, and can cure both mental and physical ailments. It is actually quite breathtaking and serene to take a dip into this lake, as the beautiful trees provide for the perfect shade, and the snow-peaked mountains offer the best view possible. Some mountain animals might also just come out of their hiding and greet you from afar, making your trip all the more memorable.



The winter abode of Kedarnath is quite accessible from Tungnath. Ukhimath, perched at a comfortable elevation of 1317 m above sea level, is a highly religious and spiritual location.

During the winter months, Ukhimath becomes the home of Lord Kedarnath, whose idol is brought here from Kedarnath. Lord Kedarnath is worshipped reverently at Ukhimath all through the winter months, till Kedarnath is reopened.

Ukhimath is also known for its views of snow-covered peaks, and veils of clouds that makes the blue sky look even more heavenly.

Visit this heavenly abode to relax and witness some mesmerising views of the Himalayas.

Deoria Tal

deoria talsource: GoLocal

This emerald beauty is situated at a height of 2438 m above sea level. The Deoria Tal is an emerald lake that looks straight out of a fairy tale. The little emerald lake situated right at the core of the place as the trees cover all its side acting like its guardians.

You must visit this lake early in the morning, to witness the astonishing and magical reflections of the Chaukhambha peaks in the lake water. It is like some holy aura surrounds that lake, as it softly reflects the mesmerizing peaks of Chaukhamba.

Deoria Tal is quiet a popular toasts destination, especially among backpackers, campers, trekkers and nature lovers. The awe-inspiring natural beauty and the laid back nature of the place make it all the more attractive and captivating.

If you are lucky, you might even spot some animals like deer, drinking from the lake. It makes for really good photography.

Deoria Tal is also a great place to sit and spend some idle time relishing in the beauty of nature. Watch the birds fly by, as the lake makes soft noises, and the trees dance with the wind. Let the serenity of nature take you on a journey right here at the Deoria Tal.

Sari Village

Sari Villagesource: S Roy Biswas

The Sari Village is located quite close to both Deoria Tal and Chopta. You can also visit both the Deoria Tal and the Sari Village on the same day, before heading back to Tungnath.

Perched at an altitude of 6554 feet sea level, this village is gorgeous and rustic. The road journey from Chopta to the Sari Village is breathtaking, and you will end up falling in love with the cool breeze, the snow-covered mountains and the winding roads that you wish never to end.

Once you reach the Village, engage in some exploring and dive into the culture of this typical Uttarakhand village. Interact with the villagers, and learn more about their daily lifestyle, and indulge in some friendly banter to learn all about their history. It is quite fascinating to learn about their livelihood and experience it upfront.

Sari Village is also a really picturesque place, and you will never have a dull moment here.

Omkar Ratneshwar Mahadev

Omkar Ratneshwar Mahadevsource: TripAdvisor

Before visiting the Tungnath Temple, you might want to set the spiritual mode by visiting some temples before reaching Tungnath. In that case, continue on your quest to seek spirituality and visit the Omkar Ratneshwar Mahadev temple, located en route Tungnath.

This temple iscalled the Devariya Nag Temple. It is devoted to the Nag Devta or the Snake God- Lord Shiva.

You will encounter this temple on your way to Deoria Tal.

The architecture of the temple looks similar to the temples of Kedarnath and Tungnath, especially in regards to the mandap and garbagriha.

Inside the temple, you will find a lingam with a copper coiled around it, which symbolises the snake. You will also find that when water is poured over the lingam, it falls in a way that looks like a snake.

Another interesting feature of the temple is that the face of the temple looks towards the Tungnath Temple.

All these exciting places are located right on your way to the Tungnath Temple, making them quite easily accessible during your Tungnath Yatra. You can also embark on the famous Chandrashila trek as well. This majestic trek will take you through the most beautiful avenues and areas and leave you wanting for more.

All these places are absolute gems of India, and must surely be visited once in your lifetime. So, don’t wait too long, head on out and explore these enchanting places located neat Tungnath.

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