Jagannath temple enigma throws a challenge to the science exports and the scientific logic. Nevertheless, it is one of the Dham in the Char Dham yatra one among the 108 Vaishnava Divya Desams. Puri temple as many unresolved mysterious till today. This sacred temple locates in Odisha an eastern state of India. Explore the underrated state in the line of tourism that offers tourist spiritual and picturesque places.

Yearly millions of pilgrims visit this place for either Dham yatra or the world-renowned Ratha yatra. This yatra generally takes place in the months of June and July. Ratha yatra is a famous festival in Odisha millions of pilgrims throughout the world takes part in the sacred yatra to get the blessing of the Lord Jagannath.

As it locates in the coastal line of Bay of Bengal it will be a hot entire year. To experience the best time here and have a great darshan of Lord Jagannath winter months are the best time. One can reach Puri various means, The nearest airport to Puri is Bhuvaneshwar. The railways are a Puri railway station.

Legends of divine temple Puri Jagannath

Once upon a time, there was king in Central India who was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu his name is Indradyumna. He was very much desires to see Lord Vishnu once in his life. One day a traveler informed in the Odisha there was a tribal group who is worshiping Lord Vishnu in this Neela Madhav. King order his trusted men Vidhyapathi to go in search of Neela Madhav. After the tedious journey finally, Vidhyapathi reaches the tribal village.

The tribal chief is very secretive and restricts outsiders from visiting the place. Vidhyapathi stays there with no other choice. However, he eventually fell in love with the tribal chief daughter and got married. One day on the request from daughter to show the divine idol of Lord to her husband tribal chief agrees. On a condition, he should put blind flood on his eyes throughout the way.

To which he agrees and start their journey towards the divine cave in which the true form of Neela Madhav exists. As Vidhyapathi is very clever. He put mustard seeds throughout the way. Once reaching the cave he is flabbergast with the most auspicious sight of Lord. But unfortunately, when the king reaches the cave the idol disappears from the sight.

The story behind Jagannath idol

Depressed King Indradyumna one day receives a dream. In that God tells him wood log will float to the puri shore. He needs to make God’s idol from it. As said in the dream a wood log float to the shore. All the renowned architects in the kingdom fail to make an idol of the god. Finally, Vishwakarma architect of gods disguises as a carpenter and assured the worried king that he will make beautiful idols of God from the log.

But put a condition that nobody disturbs him till 21 days. King out of curiosity eventually breaks the words and opens the room door in which Vishwakarma working. As a result of this Vishwakarma disappears from the sight. Indeed these incomplete idols done by Vishwakarma are the idols that we pray in Jagannath temple.

Temples to Visit in Puri

There are numerous temples in Puri apart from Main shrine Jagannath. Such as MahaLakshmi temple, Ganesh temple, Vimala temple, and so on. All these temples located inside the temple complex of Jagannath. Among these Lakshmi and Vimala Devi temples play an important role. pilgrims who ever visit the Jagannath temple also visit these shrines.

Apart from these pilgrims also visit Lokanath Temple temple dedicated Lord Shiva. This main idol here is believed to be installed by Lord Rama. Gundicha Temple a summer retreat center for Jagannath, Bala Rama, and Subhadra Devi.

Beaches in Puri

Puri is not only famous for Jagannath temple but also for the beautiful and relaxing beaches. Both the tourist and the Pilgrims visit the beaches and spend their time relaxing at the serene place enjoy the cool breeze and soothing sound of waves. The famous five beaches are Chandrabhaga beach, Puri beach, Baleswar beach, Swargadwar beach, and the Balighai beach. Among this Puri beach is considered as the sacred beach for Pilgrims. In fact here in November, they conduct the festival.

Shopping in Local Bazaar

Puri offers the best handicrafts to tourists. So just take a leisure walk in the local bazaars to view the amazing work of the handcraft artist. Generally, the handcraft shops here sell mostly handloom sarees, bangles. Besides this one can also get items made up of brass, shell, and wood. 

Food in Puri

It is quite obvious you get mostly vegetarian food as it is a temple town. When you are in Puri never miss temple food it has one of the largest kitchens in the world. They serve delicious Satvik food to the pilgrims. On the other hand visit, local restaurants and have the famous and lip-smacking Oriya cuisine.


Visit the divine Dham to get the blessing of Lord Jagannath. Along with this also visit the beautiful beaches, handcraft shops and nearby places have a wonderful spiritual journey with lord Dharshan.

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