The beautiful town of Ambaji is located right over Mount Abu and at the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan. This mythological town is quite a place to visit if you are looking for a pilgrimage tour in Gujarat.

Many pilgrims and devotees from around the world come here to witness the beauty of its mains shrine. Part of the Shakti Peethas, the Ambaji Temple also gives the town its name, which speaks of its importance. The town also has mythological and cultural connections. Ambaji is also home to many other temples that are worth exploring.

Ambaji is a quaint town with a spiritual aura and will make your pilgrimage tour even more sacred and holy. The name Ambaji comes from the goddess who is worshipped at this temple. The town itself feels like a second thought as if built around the main attraction- the Ambaji Temple. The town is als has serene hills that are rich in marble, which will be evident when you walk around this town on your pilgrimage tour.

The Ambaji Temple

When you first see the temple, you will be in awe of its pristine beauty. The golden dome on the top glistens as the sun rays fall on it, and the white marble shines with a lovely aura.

You might also find a huge queue right outside the temple on your pilgrimage tour to Ambaji Temple. While the queue might look intimidating, just stand and you will notice how quickly and in an organised manner the line starts to move. The queue is usually for the cable car that will take you to the Ambaji Temple so that you can continue your pilgrimage tour. You can also choose to climb the winding footpath to reach the temple, however, if you wish to witness the wonderful views of the town then cable car is highly recommended. Mesmerise at the stunning view that will be visible too from the cable car, and try and capture it as much as possible.

Soon enough you will be at the gate of the temple.

Unlike most other temple complexes, there are few vendors here. There are some shops on the side selling the usual hues of vermillion and other puja products, however, none of the vendors will hassle you. The order and discipline at the Ambaji Temple is marvellous.

The Sanctum

Once you enter the inner sanctum, you will feel the wonderful spiritual feeling wash over you. Unlike other temples, the Ambaji Temple doesn’t have an image of the Goddess but depicts her in a symbolic form.

The queue is maintained even as you enter the inner sanctum, and the sheer warmth and devotion of the fellow pilgrims echo a wonderful spiritual feeling. It feels as if the walls are reverberating with positive energy. On your pilgrimage tour to Ambaji Temple, you might also find pilgrims chanting, singing, and soulful humming of many bhajans.

The inner sanctum of the Ambaji Temple has an intricately carved ceiling, complemented by mesmerising arches.

After you have offered your prayers, move with the line, and exit the temple. You will instantly feel a sense of peace and tranquillity hitting you, as you slowly make your way out.

Other Places In Ambaji

You can take some time out and explore the town of Ambaji after you visit the temple.

Gabbar Hills

One of the first places you can head to on your pilgrimage tour is the serene Gabbar Hill. Legends say that this was the original site of the Shakti Peeth. Many still say that this was the place where Sati’s heart had fallen.

Other legends associate this stunning hill with Lord Krishna, who had his first haircut as a child here. There are many other legends which make this hill an iconic pilgrimage site in Ambaji. There is also a small shrine here. Many locals visit it.

However, the other reason why this the Gabbar Hills attracts a huge crowd is for its cable car. You can embark on the cable car ride to go back down while admiring the spectacular scenery.

Other Temples near Ambaji

Chamunda Mata

Another popular temple, the Chamunda Math should be a definite visit on your Hindu pilgrimage tour. Located near the Ambaji Temple, this little shrine is quite wonderful to visit. You will find little idols of Goddess Ambaji along with her vahan – the lion. You can sit here for some time and introspect.

The shrine also has some lovely glass inlay works that shine when the sun rays touch it, making them look even more exquisite.

Kamakshi Temple

On your pilgrimage tour, the next temple you can visit is the Kamakshi Temple. This is essentially a South Indian Temple and the architecture, is a true reflection of the Dravidian culture.

Devoted to Goddess Kamakshi, this beautiful temple is quite a revelation. With beautiful architecture and a spiritual inner sanctum, the Kamakshi Temple will make your pilgrimage tour in Ambaji even more exceptional.

Koteshwar Mahadev

The next temple you can visit on in your Ambaji tour is the Koteshwar Mahadev Temple. The locals worship Lord Shiva in this temple. It is also an ancient temple.

Many locals come here mainly because of the pond. This pond receives water from a tiny opening in the mountain which looks like a cow’s head made from marble. There is also a little cave located right below this eternal pond, which has a small idol of Goddess Saraswati.

Kumbhariya Jain Temples

Wrap up your temple tour after a visit to the gorgeous and regal Kumbhariya Jain Temples. This entire temple complex houses five ancient temples which are devoted to the in Teerthankars Neminath, Mahavir, Parshvanath, Shantinath, and Sambhavnath. All of the temples have intricately carved walls, pillars, and ceilings. From the moment you enter this complex, you will feel as if you walked into an art museum. The architecture is at its best. All of the temples were built by different rulers, and thus have a distinct feature that makes them unique from each other.

From designer archways to magnificent doorways and magically decorated ceilings, the Kumbhariya Jain Temples will show you the skills of its artisans. The exterior of the temples are adorned with artistic sculptures and the inner sanctums are blessed with awe-inspiring pillars.

After you are done with your pilgrimage tour, you can also just walk through this spiritual town, and let the serenity of religion follow through you. Ambaji is beautiful that will show you the real meaning of peace and transport you to a world of happiness and divinity.

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