Gujarat is home to many little towns that are an abode of peace, spirituality, and religion. These places are premier pilgrimage hotspots, and there are many pilgrimage tour packages that in Gujarat that show you a world beyond Dwarka.

These pilgrimage destinations in Gujarat are located in and around Dwarka and are bustling with many shrines and temples. These locations also hold a strong sign in our mythologies and have many divine folklores attached to them.

On your pilgrimage tour package, you will explore the temple towns of many quaint towns that are a gold mine of cultural heritage and legendary stories.

Here are some of the best pilgrimage town located in and around Dwarka:

Beyt Dwarka

The famous town of Beyt Dwarka is perhaps one of the most visited pilgrimage tours after Dwarka in Gujarat. To reach this place on your pilgrimage tour package, you need to board a boat and sail through the serene river.

Situated about 35 km from Dwarka, Beyt Dwarka has quite a few temples, and a lot of legends and folklore attached with it. According to legends Lord Krishna lived here with his 16108 wives. Many other stories talk about Sudama coming to visit Lord Krishna here for the first time.

Some of the major temples that should visit here are Dwarkadhish Temple, which was built by Rukmini herself. The Mahalaxmi Temple, the Dandi Hanuman Temple and the Mira Bai Temple. There are many more auspicious lakes and ponds as well that you should visit on your pilgrimage tour package.

Suvarna Teerth

Next on your pilgrimage tour package, is the scene place of Suvarn Teerth, which is located en route to Meethapur. Situated near Dwarka in Gujarat, Suvarn Teerth is bustling with mesmerising and alluring shrines. The main temple belongs to the Sun God, while the other temples belong to Lord Vishnu.

The temple complex is quite mystical and magnetic and you will feel a feeling of instant peace and tranquillity when you enter this complex. It feels as if the Lord himself has descended upon this place.

You will  find a more contemporary idol of the Sun God since the original idol. The British took away this idol with them.

Just wander off through the temple and let the magical aura wash over you. You will feel a sense of calm and peace entering your body, which will make you forget about all your worries.

Mul Dwarka

On your pilgrimage tour package, you will find the stunning Mul Dwarka. This was the first place Lord Krishna stopped from Mathura. Located about 75 km from Dwarka, this town is quite magical. It almost looks like a small version of Dwarka.

While on your pilgrimage tour, you will also find a little shrine complex, which has temples devoted to Shiva. There is a shrine devoted to Ranchor Pai (Lord Krishna).

The temples in the Mud Dwarka flaunt the Nagar style of architecture with a little influence of the Panch Ratan substyle as well. There are small spaces are built inside the temple where you can sit. You can just sit there and feel the spiritual aura fleeting around you making your Gujarat tour even more memorable.

There is a 13th Century step well called the Jananvyapi in the temple complex. You will also witness a covered pavilion located around this gorgeous stepwell. Stroll through this structure, and you will also find statues of Brahma, Vishnu and Surya, places carefully into the cervices of the stepwell.

You also just sit near the stepwell and admire the entire temple complex in Mul Dwarka from here. It looks quite stunning during the sunset, so try and catch a glimpse of that beauty.

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga

Next on your pilgrimage tour package, you should head to Nageshwar Jyotirlinga. Situated only about 16 km from Dwarka, this shrine is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India.

The founder of T Series- Gulshan Kumar formed this temple. The Nageshwar Jyotirlinga is quite modest, and you will also find an old pond near this temple. This little pond is brimming with turtles and makes for a fascinating sight.

An ancient tree also graces the Nageshwar Jyotirlinga. Just take a little walk around this tree, and feel the old world charm of this temple on your Gujarat tour.

Right before you enter the temple, you will find a huge Shiva sculpture in the sitting posture. It is quite an imposing and beautiful sight.

After visiting this temple, make your way to Gopi Talaav on your Gujarat tour. Situated about 5 km from Nageshwar Jyotirlinga, this pond has a lot of legends and anecdotes attached to it.

According to one of the stories, the Gopis followed Lord Krishna from Vrindavan to Dwarka. Before reaching Dwarka, the Gopis met at the sight Nageshwar Jyotirlinga and merged with him. Since then, the soil that you will see around the pond symbolises the Gopis. The soil is auspicious and is quite pale yellow in colour. You will find this soil bottled up and being sold around Dwarka. You can buy it and take them as a souvenir on your pilgrimage tour.

This pond has several other stories attached to it. You can interact with the locals and try and find out most of the mystical legends that make the Gopi Talaav so famous and iconic.

There is also a little shrine devoted to Rukmini and Gopinath located near the pond.


There are many other temples located near Dwarka that you can visit on your Hindu pilgrimage tour package. Temples like: Indreshwar Mahadev Temple and Rin Mukteshwar Mahadev, are also quite stunning and will make your Gujarat tour even more auspicious.

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