Planning a trip is never easy, but don’t you worry! Here are 10 important tips to help you plan a mesmerizing and hassle free Char Dham Yatra.

Know which month is the best for your trip

The Char Dhams open the holy gates for the devotees starting from the month of April/May till October/November.

  • Months May-June mark the season of pleasant summers with huge crowds of incoming devotees.
  • July-August have monsoon refreshing the hills, though the rains also increase the risk of landslides and road blockages.
  • From September to October the weather starts getting a little cold and by November the snowfall blocks the roads makes the Dhams inaccessible.

So plan your trip and its duration accordingly.

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Physical fitness is the key

Physical fitness

The trek of Char Dhams is quite arduous and isn’t for the faint hearted. Lack of physical fitness at high altitudes can take a toll on your health which can possibly ruin your trip, so it is advisable to go for a thorough physical fitness test by a certified doctor, so you can prepare well for the physical fitness required.

The more, the merrier!

group tour with family

As mentioned above, the trek isn’t easy and can be quite challenging. While #solotravel is always an option, walking long distances and overcoming challenges can be an easy affair when you have company by your side. Travelling with spouse/family/friends will make the journey even more memorable.

Save the emergency contact numbers without fail!

In case of emergencies, having emergency contact numbers for immediate help is of absolute importance so remember to save these beforehand as a precaution. In case serious medical help is needed, call 108. It is the mobile emergency service from the government of Uttarakhand.
Fair warning: do not use for fake calls as it is a punishable offence.

Travel light and travel smart

bag pack

Try to minimize your luggage when trekking as overloading will exhaust you and hamper your journey. Plus DO NOT put all your money and valuables all in one place. If possible leave the excess luggage in Haridwar and travel light!

Primary essentials to carry

Carrying your own dry packaged food and drinking boiled/packaged mineral water can minimise your exposure to common ailments. Also non-vegetarian food and alcohol is a big NO on trips like these, for religious and health purposes.

Don’t forget to carry these essentials too!

Carrying an umbrella/raincoat, batteries, power bank, torch, dry fruits and dark chocolate for quick energy, mosquito/insect repellent and own set of medicines for common ailments like joint ache, stomach ache, common cold etc. will always come handy because there aren’t many shops along the way.

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Wearing comfortable clothes is the rule to follow

dress for trekking

Women should avoid wearing saree as it will be uncomfortable when walking long distances. Salwar kurta is an apt substitute for the same. Also carrying woollen sweaters, hats, muffler, jackets and thermals is advised, regardless of the month you are going in, as weather at high altitudes is highly unpredictable.

Local information is the best information

local people

Accurate local information is best derived from local people/travel agencies/professional tour guides or people like family and friends who have been to the place. They can pinpoint places to visit and how to get there in the most efficient way possible. So try to gather trustworthy local sources to enhance your experience.

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Book in advance to avoid last minute rush

You can get great deals and peace of mind by booking your stay at the best hotels en route to the Char Dhams and transportation services for the Yatra in advance.

Hope these tips help you plan your Char Dham Yatra efficiently. Plan a memorable trip together with experts of today!

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