The doorway to God can perfectly describe the pilgrim city of India which is Haridwar.

A beautiful city having the ability to cover a lot inside its beautiful cocoon with river Great Ganga flowing beside it making every moment here divine as it can be.

Historically Haridwar has been a major city for all the pilgrims around the world, with the name of Haridwar in many historical texts which signifies its importance dating back to the texts of Mahabharat which has created an environment in Haridwar where old sages and saints has praised every particle of this city to bloom like a flower whenever any devotee come here for a visit.

This city has blessed every devotee coming here from many many years it is more popular than its neighbour rishikesh and even any devotee who is going for char dham yatra starts their journey from Haridwar only which can give you an idea about its significance in the heart of pilgrims.

With so many arrival of pilgrims from all over the world, Haridwar has ample of Places for them to visit.

Har Ki Pauri

The unforgettable beauty of Har Ki pauri is a place which should not be missed by any pilgrim coming into Haridwar.

It is a sacred Ghat which attracts majority of devotees coming into Haridwar and many of them come here to visit Brahmakund the Ghat which is famous for evening Aarti giving it a beautiful effect and a memorable experience for anyone visiting in Haridwar.

Maya Devi Temple

Maya Devi Temple
Source: Hamara Haridwar

Dating back to 11th century this famous temple is devoted to Devi Maya. As per mythology many believes that heart and navel of Goddess Sati fell, which is just a historic amazement to even think about.

The beliefs of this temple are enough to attracts pilgrims from all around the Haridwar to visit this famous temple. It is very close to Haridwar railway station(0.5km) and can be reached by anyone easily.

Bharat Mata Mandir

Inaugurated by 1st lady Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi in 1983. This famous temple is dedicated to Bharat Maa also known as Mother India which is a national personification of India.

Located beside the beautiful Ganges river this architecture has 8 floors in which every floor has a different era of India from Ramayana to Independent India. This is more than just a pilgrim temple to visit it signifies India and its cultural details with rich religious significance.

Each and every floor of this temple provide unique information to anyone who visits here and the top floor of this temple is dedicated to great Lord Shiva. After visiting this place you will definitely feel the culture shock of India and the all the various information coming with it.

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Bara Bazaar

This is more than just a place to visit, it is the famous bazaar of Haridwar situated very close to the railway station and will never be found quiet.

This place is filled with people all over the world and haridwar doing shopping or enjoying themselves eating delicious street food of Haridwar.

Handicrafts to things for Puja everything can be found here at an affordable cost for anyone to buy.

Chandi devi Temple

Chandi Devi
Source: Hamara Haridwar

Situated atop the neel parvat this famous temple is dedicated to Goddess Chandi Devi. Built by the great king of kashmir Suchat SIngh this temple has received a fairly large amount of pilgrims throughout the decades.

Also defined as a place where desire gets fulfilled and to fulfill your desire. you can reach here either by trekking for 3 km from har ki pauri or take a cable car directly to temple and absorb prosperity and happiness in your life.

Bhimgoda Kund

One of the most significant Kund in whole Haridwar this is a place from where Pandavas drank water before going towards heaven.

As soon as you reach here a breeze of history will shiver you and you will feel that mysteriousness around every corner of this famous Kund. A close approximation to Har ki Pauri(1km) makes it a must visit the place.

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Shanti Kunj

Center for the movement of yug nirman yojana this attraction is more than a pilgrimage site it has a center for education and yoga for anyone who visits here.

Built in 1971 in Haridwar since then this place is spreading its kind words for anyone who wishes to come here for peace and motivation. It welcomes anyone who visits Haridwar and wants to find tranquility.

Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary

chilla wildlife sanctuary
Source: Trip Advisor

Different from anything on this list Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary is an amazing effort of Humans to save Animals and flourish flora and fauna around the area.

Also known as Rajaji Wildlife sanctuary this spectacular sanctuary is nothing more than a delight for anyone who is interested in wildlife as it consists of Elephants, Tigers and Bears.

Located at just 18 km. away from Haridwar this place will take you away from all the chaos and pilgrim sites in Haridwar. Introducing yourself to a different culture this place is a must visit for anyone who wants to have a different experience of Haridwar.

Thus after visiting all above places your experience of Haridwar will be tailor made for a remarkable memory which you will never forget. So lose yourself and enjoy your trip to Haridwar by visiting these places.

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