India has a number of important places for pilgrimage. One of the most important and famous pilgrimages of India is the Char Dham yatra in Uttarakhand. The Char Dham Yatra consists of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Yamnotri and Gangotri. One can go for this pilgrimage when the snow melts that is between May and November. You therefore, need to plan your trip accordingly. In case you are short of time and want to complete the yatra in just 10 days then here are some guidelines that will help you.

The time of visit:

One needs to plan the yatra between May and November. But the best time to visit is between May and mid-June. It is best to avoid the monsoon season as this region gets torrential rains and there are problems like landslides etc.

Select the best departure point and transportation:

The most convenient options are Delhi and Haridwar/ Rishikesh. There are a number of packages that one can choose from or one can also plan their own trip from Haridwar.

One of the best 10 day schedule for Uttarakhand’s Char Dham Yatra:

Day 1: Get set and go to Barkot:

Your journey begins from Haridwar. Your first stop will be Barkot which is at a distance of 215 kms. It is a 7 hour journey. Overnight stay at Barkot and then you proceed for your further journey. There are some very good hotels like Hotel Samrat, Hotel Chauhan Annexe and Monal Residency in this area.

Day 2: The Yamunotri Trek:


You need to start early in the morning. Go to Janki Chatti. From here you can go trekking to the first place of your yatra. Via Hanuman Chatti and PhoolChatti it is a 6 km trek. Once you reach the destination you can take bath in the Garam Kund. Offer your prayers at the holy temple. You can catch a glimpse of important places like Hanuman Chatti, Surya Kund, Yamunotri Temple and DivyaShila if time permits. Same day return back to Barkot.

Day 3: Go to Uttarkashi:

Next day start for Uttarkashi. It is a 4-hour journey and it is located at a distance of 82 kms. On your way visit the famous limestone Prakateshwar Caves which are dedicated to Lord Shiva. You must also visit the Lord Vishwanath temple. You can halt is a pocket-friendly hotel like hotel Divine Palace, hotel Jahanavi and hotel Shivlinga.

Day 4: Visit Gangotri and return Back:


Drive early morning to Gangotri. Perform the pooja and take the holy dip and then same day return back to Uttarkashi.

Day 5: Go to the beautiful Guptkashi:

Now it is time to start your journey to Kedarnath. For this, you can divide your journey into two parts. This will not generate much fatigue. From Uttarkashi you have to go to Guptkashi. This is a 10 hour journey. A distance of 223 kms has to be covered. Here you can see the Chaukhamba Peak. Overnight stay in Guptkashi. You can stay in hotels like hotel Shivam, hotel Mrityunjay, hotel Mandakini and Camp Nirvana. Do not forget to visit Vishwanath Temple and ArdhNarishwar Temple.

Day 6: Kedarnath Trek:


You can trek to kedarnath and visit the temple. You can offer prayers in the temple and then check out the beauty of Kedarnath. Overnight stay at Kedarnath.

Day 7:  Head for Rudraprayag:

Next day go to GauriKund. From here you have to start for Rudraprayag which is at a distance of 80 kms. This will be a 4 to 5-hour journey. It is located at the confluence of river mandakini and river alaknanda. This is a beautiful town and it has some good hotels like hotel Sital, hotel Suri, hotel Shangrila, hotel Balbeer and hotel Monal etc.

Day 8: Head for Badrinath:


Early morning go to the Badrinath temple and offer prayers. Have a bath in the Tapt Kund. You can visit Mata Murty Temple, BhimPul, Vyas Gufa, NaradKund and Mana Village which are located close by. There are some good hotels in the vicinity where you can stay overnight. These are hotel Shankar Shri, hotel Janki, hotel Snow Crest, hotel Dwarikesh and hotel Sarovar etc.

Day 9: It is back to Rudraprayag:

Next day drive back to Rudraprayag. You can check out all those places that you might have missed out.

Day 10: Homeward Bound:

It is time to head for your home can recollect and share some of the best memories of your trip to the fabulous char dham yatra of Uttarakhand.

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